Before arriving


Take a look at this masterpiece! From there you’ll find all the important information you  need on your way through Helsinki adventure.

HOUSING (=asuminen)

Apply for an apartment NOW (If you haven’t done so already). The housing in Helsinki is very limited. Here are some links to apply for an apartment in Helsinki:

Housing options of university nations: see more on their websites. List of nations is in Orientation Handbook. (Notice that you have to be a member of the nation to apply for these)

other opportunities: (not the cheapest ones…)

Oikotie (in Finnish)
HOAS flea market

Some good tips for housing:
– the living costs can be 700-1000 euros per month of which housing can be 400-600  euros
– if you get a housing offer – TAKE IT!!
– Beware of scams. If the housing offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t  ever send money or passport information on the open market before you have seen the  apartment and signed the contract.
– Cancel unnecessary applications.
– No apartment before arriving in Finland? Then book a hostel for the first nights here (and  do that early enough!) some links for that:Vuokrahuone.comStadion HostelCheap  SleepHostel Suomenlinnaand Eurohostel,

OR try couch surfing or traveler’s home.

– Contact the University of Helsinki’s Student Services ( if you have  difficulties to find an apartment.
– Wanting to find flat mates? Go  to or
– You can always try to contact the rent lords in English as well, no matter if the renting  adverts are in Finnish.

TUTORS (=tuutorit)

A tutor is a person who’s there for you to help get to know Finnish student culture better.  Tutor works as a link between you and the University. You have had a tutor contacted you during the summer. She/he will let you know when your tutoring group has their first meeting.  If you haven’t received any e-mail from your tutor, contact international representatives (listed below) or the international coordinator (


Make sure that you have enough clothes for Finnish weather (which can be anything between – 30 to + 30 Celsius degrees).

Get the health insurance. More info: > Health care. And for the  EU-citizens: remember to have an European Health Insurance Card.


Take a glance at here.