The faculty organisation of Biological and Environmental sciences – Biosfääri (biosphere) is an umbrella organisation founded at 2010. This yet quite young, but effective organisation is here for providing educational lobbying, activities and happening during the year and helping its member student organisations to keep in touch. Biosfääri is a multicoloured bunch of students from major subjects different kinds in the University of Helsinki. Most of our students are from the sciences related to biology and environmental sciences – but we really wish to meet new people all around the world and from all kinds of major subjects! Biosfääri’s “home” is the club room located in Biocenter 1. Come and have a cup of coffee with us anytime!

You can follow us on Facebook. Also check the event calendar  once in a while! If you find any questions or comments, please contact Biosfääri’s international representative 2018, Inka Sylgren.

The board 2019


Maria Heinonen

Vice chairperson, environmental affairs

Mirjami Kuutti

Assistant chairperson, study affairs

Sebastian Österman


Nina Suomalainen


Meri Back

Study affairs, Kurssiwiki affairs, LOIMU-representative

Jani Lehto

Work life affairs, LOIMU-representative

Alma Seppälä

Study affairs

Mari Humalajoki

Spokesperson and web page manager

Sara Torppa

Event master, Property affairs

Esko-Tapani Elo

Event master

Emma Muhonen

International affairs, equality affairs

Inka Sylgren

Freshmen and tutor affairs

Nea Asumaa


Outside the board:

Event team

Julius Ulpovaara, Kasper Mickos, Ella Ahvenainen, Tomi Kiviluoma, Sakari Hietanen, Valeria Valanne, Nina Suomalainen, Sara Torppa, Arttu Soukainen, Alma Seppälä, Emmi Tuokko, Rasmus Huotari, Roope Nykänen